At 10am the beach was well populated. Families. Kids. Friends. Lucky for us, our friends had parked before 9am in a prime location just the right distance from the water line. Our five kids played together. Dug. Built. Splashed. The eight grown ups rotated. Watched. Monitored. Chased. They were outnumbered. We were making it work. Summer in the city – we were owning it. The music, the … Continue reading Oceans

Big Wheels

I have one particular colleague, and friend, with whom I can’t help but compare parenting notes. She, an orthodox Jew, living in an ultra orthodox community in the suburbs. Me, a cultural Jew with a mixed family living in a city. During a five minute phone call she and I can compare notes about a parenting strategy and a contract strategy, a recent kid story and a recent … Continue reading Big Wheels

Stand Up for What’s Right

You think you’re strong, bullish and bold. You’re a New Yorker! But then you’re pregnant and no one is volunteering their subway seat. You don’t say anything. You just stand there, ankles swollen, back sore, ruing. I remember the frustration growing as I experienced this for two straight years. Or close to that. Often people would ask: “Why don’t you just ask for a seat?”. … Continue reading Stand Up for What’s Right

To Dust You Shall Return

My father-in-law died. A 5’3 Jamaican firecracker. Unstoppable. Loud. He was a community man. A respected and loved community man, who was an Elder in his congregation. I miss him. He was actually my husband’s grandfather, but with his significant role in raising Neil, and the imagery of little Neil following him around to all his engagements (read: dominos and church), it’s no wonder everyone … Continue reading To Dust You Shall Return